Laura Fergusson Community

The Wellington Laura Fergusson Trust’s (LFT) delivers residential, respite and rehabilitation services for adults with physical or neurological impairments.

For 40 years we have provided opportunities for people with disabilities to pursue a supported and independent lifestyle from our base in Naenae

For some people rehabilitation at LFT is about strengthening or re-building physical function to take on greater levels of independence and for others it is about maintaining basic function and quality of life. Whatever the goal, LFT’s philosophy is about working with each consumer to build on their own abilities.

The Community is a permanent home for 43 working age adults, as well as providing shorter-term accommodation (respite care) to a number of other individuals.

Our rehabilitation and recreational services, in particular our purpose-built gym, are also available to individuals living in the community.  For example, some individuals choose to regularly use our Therapy Room, join in on one of our programmes (particularly our craft , music and boccia programmes) and also to use the services of our specialist therapy staff.

LFT receives some government funding but this does not cover our costs.  The continued provision of our services relies on the goodwill of individuals and organisations of volunteers and supporters from across the Wellington region.  If you would like to help our work please make a donation here or contact our reception  to find out about volunteering opportunities.

For more information watch our video or see our Facebook page.


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The Laura Fergusson Trust is an independent, charitable trust that provides specialised rehabilitative, residential and recreational services to adults with severe disabilities.

For more information, please call the LFT Reception on (04) 567 6024